Single Sourced

A single source of truth that can be used and published directly to PDF, ePub, JavaHelp, HTML5, WebHelp, and more. Preferred publishing tools can be quickly connected, and with a click of a button, content can be published using them.

Single Sourced Diagram

DITA Open Toolkit Support

Supports native DITA Open Toolkit versions 1.0 and 2.0, with no custom coding required. Our Plugins interface allows you to easily store multiple DITA-OT versions and plugins, making it a cinch to configure and run complex publishing operations.

easyDITA Open Toolkit Publishing Pannel

Contextualized Documentation

Give your users a unique experience by implementing custom content based on user type. With a powerful tool for personalizing content, generic documentation will be a thing of the past.

Contextualized text based on operating systems

Universal Publishing Connector

easyDITA can quickly connect to publishing tools via its REST API. Pairing your publishing tool with easyDITA enables advanced content publishing across channels and devices. Out of the box, easyDITA includes WordPress, MindTouch, and oXygen connectors.

Publishing Plugin Screen

Publish to Any Language – Unicode

Publishes are fully Unicode-compliant, allowing for text in any language.

Unicode characters in all languages

Error Reporting

An error report displays unresolved errors, making it easier to view and fix errors before publishing.

Error reporting in easyDITA's publishing
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