Per Month*
+$50 per user
Content Object Limit: 10,000
✓ Intuitive DITA XML Authoring
✓ Online Review
✓ Multi-Channel Publishing
✓ Advanced Search
✓ Translation Management
✓ Activity Tracking
✓ Free Trial
Per Month*
+$50 per user
Content Object Limit: 100,000
Everything in Lite, Plus:
✓ Taxonomy & Metadata
✓ Branching
✓ Reporting
✓ Single Sign-On
✓ Free Trial
Content Object Limit: Unlimited
Everything in Enterprise, Plus:
✓ Custom Applications
✓ Private Cloud
✓ Enhanced Security Available
✓ Prototyping Server
✓ XQuery API

*Annual pricing divided by 12 months


Is there support for people without knowledge of DITA?

Yes. You can check out the Resources page to access the DITA Primer, easyDITA Getting Started Guide, Articles, Support Documentation, How-to’s and more.

What happens at the trial end?

Logins for your account will expire at the end of the trial. We’ll preserve your content in the account for at least 30 more days in case you decide to subscribe. If you do subscribe, we’ll convert your trial to a paid subscription and the data and users you created during the trial will be available in your account.

How do you define User roles?

Users are people who create and manage content within the easyDITA CCMS. Reviewers may comment on content but cannot create or change content.

Do you charge for reviewer roles?

No, you may have unlimited reviewers both within and outside of your organization.

How do Modules work?

Modules are designed to add functionality to your instance of easyDITA, including adding features like Single Sign On (SSO), and to extend the numbers of topics you can work with.

How much do Modules cost?

For complete Module pricing, please contact your easyDITA Representative.

What are my payment options?

We offer both monthly and annual options with a discount for annual payments. There are also bulk discounts for large groups of users in Enterprise and Platform accounts.

Do custom configuration affect pricing?

Enterprise and Platform accounts include start-up packages with an allotment of service hours for customization. Configurations requiring more advanced capabilities will be quoted at our hourly services rate.


easyDITA offers a modular approach to adding functionality. These modules give your content architecture team the ability to configure your instance of easyDITA to fit your organization’s requirements. In addition to the modules below, we offer professional services for more advanced configurations and use-cases.

        ✓ = Included        + Additional Info

Translations 1320
DITA Open Toolkit Publishing
WordPress Publishing 2
Work and Approval Requests
Work and Approval Request Custom WorkflowsAvailable
Configurable Authoring User InterfaceAvailable
Learning and Training Content TypesAvailable
MindTouch PublishingAvailable
REST API AccessAvailable
Enterprise Start-Up PackageAvailable
Basic Taxonomy and CMS Metadata 4Available
Single Sign-On (LDAP or SAML)-
Custom Reporting-
Private Publishing Queue-
Increase Content Object Limit (5,000) 1AvailableAvailable
Prototyping Server-Available
Access to Internal APIs for Custom Application-Available
Security Plus Package - Tier 1-AvailableAvailable
Security Plus Package - Tier 2-AvailableAvailable


Free Trial