Our customers rely on our partners to provide professional services, outsourcing, and software to assure successful DITA implementations that have measurable business impact.

Service Providers

Precision Content

Today’s information needs and those of your customers are becoming increasingly complex. Precision Content™ is an innovative authoring solution that integrates a scaleable, topic-based, structured authoring methodology within a DITA/XML-based authoring environment.

The authoring methodology is based on decades of practice and academic research into how the human brain works. With Precision Content™ teams of authors and contributors are trained to produce modular, concise, and consistent content. This is critical to developing effective, scalable, and sustainable content. The structured authoring environment is built on DITA/XML, a standard for structuring content for reuse, single source publishing, and translation management.


Scriptorium helps companies with large amounts of technical content streamline their publishing processes, which results in cost reduction and quality improvements.

  • Content strategy: Unlock the business value of your technical content.
  • Training: Master tools and technologies through engaging, hands-on classes.
  • Document conversion: Transform your files for a more efficient workflow.
  • Technical communication: Deliver quality content to your customers.
  • DITA plugins: Need PDF or webhelp output from DITA? Customize your Open Toolkit.

Let us help you create a content strategy for your technical communication products that will reduce costs, shorten development cycles, and improve the quality of your product documentation.

We provide a variety of services, so even if you don’t see your problem listed here, contact us today at (919) 433-2618, website www.scriptorium.com, or use our contact form.


Mekon is dedicated to improving the way you create, manage and deliver content, in turn maximizing your customer experience. Our team of consultants and developers have the insight and experience to offer strategic guidance and training, but also the technical capabilities to deliver the solution you need.

Our coaching and collaborative approach has been refined through 25 years in business, incorporating established project management methodology, risk management and ROI-led planning. This holistic methodology empowers companies of all sizes and sectors to benefit from their strategic asset, turning content into information.

  • Decades of expertise in publishing technologies:  XML, DITA and S1000D
  • Consulting and coaching clients in component content management, workflow analysis, information architecture and taxonomy
  • Cross-industry experience: bringing ideas together from multiple industries and disciplines
  • Track record of technical excellence paired with a collaborative and realistic approach.
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Comtech Services

Comtech Services works with organizations to implement content management solutions using a proven approach that connects content planning, development, publishing, and delivery. Comtech’s expert staff has expertise in all phases of the implementation, helping organizations understand customer requirements, minimize content, maximize reuse, reduce costs of updating and translating, and select the right content management solution. They work with writing teams to develop information models, publishing pipelines, and best practice processes used in the information-development life cycle.


At Innovatia, we are constantly thinking about how to drive our business forward by delivering even more value to our customers. For more than a decade we have honed our technical capabilities and mined strategic insight for efficiencies designed to increase shareholder value and customer satisfaction. We have built a passionate team of educators, technicians and writers, and together crafted interactive, adaptable training courses, documentation materials, support mechanisms and other tools that become a living resource for our customers. We are knowledge management consultants. We strive for long-term relationships with our customers relationships that create efficiencies that significantly boost return on investment. We approach every customer relationship with an eye on the future. That means we deliver a single training course with the same care and attention as we do when we build and deploy a customized, social-media integrated support network across multiple platforms, locations and time zones. Its about value. And people understand value. That’s why today we are one of North Americas largest documentation and training outsourcers. Our team of more than 300 information developers, technical support professionals, information architects and solution developers are working to support clients around the world from our offices in Canada, the United States and India.

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Publish Smarter

Challenging times present you with interesting opportunities. Companies are looking to do more, but with less. Our consultants work with you to improve processes, to advance your publishing environment, and to streamline your publishing environment saving you time and money.

We know tech. We work with transforms, with XML, with DITA. We develop custom help solutions, web content, dynamically published content, and are present at industry leading conferences. Since the early 1990s we have worked with leading technologies developing online and print solutions.

Certified as technical trainers and as experts in software, we provide training, consulting, and support either online, or in person. We work with software vendors to develop certification programs. Our staff includes the experts that help to define what a certified expert is.

Publishing Smarter works with clients to improve their content creation, management, and distribution workflows. We do so through content analysis, legacy file conversion, training, and support. This helps to reduce production costs, improve document quality, and increase employee productivity. Over 15 years in publishing provides us insight, experience and partnerships to meet your publishing needs.

Contact us at www.publishingsmarter.com or call (905) 833-8448.


Zoomin helps organizations deliver content on-demand, across all customer touchpoints, quickly, easily and precisely. Zoomin’s next generation publishing platform enables your customers to instantly zoom into the precise content they need, when and where they need it. Global brands like Jive, ServiceNow, Hitachi and Cisco trust Zoomin to deliver their content to documentation portals, knowledge bases, call centers, search engines, customer communities, and to devices that are part of the internet of things. For more information visit www.zoominsoftware.com
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Suite Solutions

Suite Solutions provides the professional services you need to implement, maintain and capitalize on your DITA XML-based content lifecycle. Services include style sheet development for a multitude of output formats in multiple languages including HTML5 and mobile, content conversion, training, consulting, information architecture guidance, custom integration and support. Our comprehensive approach – Content Lifecycle Implementation – helps you do it right the first time and quickly realize the benefits and ROI in XML-based information. Our strong team of professionals is proficient in industry standards, best practices and has extensive experience with a broad range of projects. We think out of the box to find creative solutions to the needs of each organization, provide responsive support and uncompromising professionalism.

As your consultant and outsourcing partner, we provide you with all relevant services in the field of technical authoring, which includes not only the conception of all documentation levels and the change management, but also all individual expert services, such as text editing, layout, illustration, animation, translation and publishing.

Jorsek is a reseller of Suite Solutions products, including SuiteHelp.

Data Conversion Laboratory

For 35 years, Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) has been a leader in helping organizations maximize the value of their content assets through digitization, making reuse easier and providing greater accessibility. DCL are experts in converting content to XML, DITA, S1000D,  and other structured formats. With DCL’s highly automated processes, content quality is vastly improved, systems are future-proofed, redundancies are eliminated, and revenue opportunities are expanded. With digitization and content management expertise across multiple industries including financial services, publishing, life sciences, government, manufacturing, technology, and professional organizations, DCL uses its advanced technology and U.S.-based project management teams to help conquer the most complex content conversion challenges securely, accurately, and on time. DCL is a multi-year winner of EContent’s Top 100 companies.
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Stilo International are the developers of Migrate, an XML cloud service that enables subject matter experts to automate the conversion of their content to DITA.  Migrate provides greater control over conversion quality, immediate turnaround times and operates on a low-cost, pay-as-you-use basis. It can be used to convert a single document or by global documentation teams that need to convert tens of thousands of pages, and has been used to convert more than 500,000 pages of content by customers including IBM, Cisco, VCE, TIBCO, Cassidian, Extreme Networks, Micron and Varian Medical Systems. Read more about their experiences and take advantage of a free 20-page trial conversion at stilo.com/migrate-customers.
Integration Partners


StepShot helps experts save time when documenting software-based procedures. With its help, IT documentation is created within minutes, not hours. For more information please visit our website at stepshot.net

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Design Science

Design Science develops software used by educators, scientists and publishing professionals, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, MathFlow, MathDaisy and MathPlayer, to communicate on the web and in print.

Please visit our website at www.dessci.com.

Jorsek is a reseller of Design Science products. easyDITA is integrated with Design Science products to provide MathML editing within the easyDITA Editor.


Introducing the Social Help System: revolutionary new software that creates product experts and happy customers. Create loyal user advocates, more profitable customers and lower support costs. MindTouch TCS is a web based authoring and publishing environment that includes a knowledge base, help center, ticketing integration and help button. Your users deserve this. Visit www.mindtouch.com for more information and to register for a free trial.

easyDITA is integrated to provide DITA publishing to MindTouch TCS, as well as workflow of end user comments and ratings in MindTouch to authors in easyDITA.

XTM International

We are XTM International and our product is XTM.

XTM is currently the leading web 2.0 complete translation environment. XTM is powerful but simple to use: project managers can easily create, monitor and manage projects while translators, reviewers and terminologists can utilize the powerful fully-featured translation environment. By making use of this simple to use, yet powerful web technology, our customers increase productivity, reduce costs and decrease through-put times.

Call us on +44 1753 480 469 to discuss how we can help or visit us on the web for a free trial at www.xtm-intl.com.

Jorsek is a reseller of XTM Cloud, and XTM International is a reseller of easyDITA. easyDITA is integrated with XTM Cloud to provide end-to-end localization workflow for DITA content.

Simply XML

Simply XML provides simple solutions for creating and publishing DITA content from Microsoft® Word.

Content Mapper allows anyone who uses Microsoft® Word to contribute content to the DITA publishing effort and will allow any organization to take full advantage of XML. Content Mapper lets authors focus on what they do best. Authors can continue to work in the familiar Word environment while benefiting from the DITA standard. Together both browser-based and Word-based authoring are a simple reality.

Simply XML and Jorsek are strongly committed to enabling organizations of all sizes and types to realize the benefits of DITA. Our success is built upon the offering simplicity, ease of use, great technology, and an unbeatable value proposition for customers. This combination offers a powerful, cost effective, and easy to implement solution to the XML adoption process. Simply XML is excited to be a Jorsek partner and to more broadly serve customers around the globe.

Content Mapper and easyDITA drive economical end-to-end content creation, management, and publishing of content. Content Mapper manages all the XML behind the scenes so that writers can create their documents using the familiar Microsoft Word interface. It allows global organizations to achieve content reuse, multichannel publishing, team productivity, and content quality improvements.

Together, Content Mapper and easyDITA meet the needs of large and small organizations, providing rapid ROI on DITA adoption.

Jorsek is a reseller of Simply XML products. easyDITA is integrated with Content Mapper for creating and publishing DITA content in Word.

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