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How to Reuse Localized DITA Content

How to Reuse Localized DITA Content Reusing content has substantial benefits over copying and pasting. However, reusing content can be complex to manage without proper guidelines, especially when that content is translated into multiple languages. Join easyDITA with...

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White Paper: Implementing Reuse

We wrote a detailed white paper on implementing reuse strategies. After reading this white paper, you will understand content reuse, how to implement it in your future writing, how to determine what existing content is a candidate for reuse, and if it’s a viable...

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2018 STC Summit Recap

2018’s STC Summit event is officially in the books! Hosted in the reportedly sunny city of Orlando, Florida, (I didn’t see any sun, but I’ve been told it’s there) this year’s conference we had a terrific time learning and interacting with some great writers and...

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The Difference Between Keyrefs And Conkeyrefs

We recently had a question about the difference between keyrefs and conkeyrefs so we decided to post our answer. The difference between keyrefs and conkeyrefs might be easier to see if we take a step back to before DITA used keys. Before there was key referencing, the...

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