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Are you wrestling with creating, reviewing, and delivering accurate release notes in a complex product environment? In this free two-part webinar series, Jorsek (developers of the easyDITA CCMS) co-founder Casey Jordan discusses the common issues, their importance, and the way we use the easyDITA CCMS to align release notes with our Agile/JIRA processes.

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Part One: Release Notes Issues and Best Practices

Part One looks at the challenges involved in creating release notes and best practices for delivering high quality releases:

  • Why release notes are critical piece of any technical communication strategy
  • The reputational issues: People care about the quality of release notes, and they tell the world about the good…and the bad (with examples)
  • A recommended template for organizing release notes
  • A view into the four levels of release note sophistication: Curation, Organization, Integration, and Personalization
  • How great release notes become a significant business asset.

A recording of the webinar is now available.

Part Two: Technical Considerations for Implementing Release Notes Best Practices

Part Two covers the technical workflow used at Jorsek (developers of easyDITA) to produce and manage our release notes. This webinar is particularly applicable to tech pubs groups working in a complex product environment with multiple products, versions, user permissions, etc.:

  • How structure liberates release notes writers and reviewers
  • Aligning release notes with issues management systems, in our case JIRA; but applicable to other agile development tools
  • Workflows that align with best practices as outlined in Part One

A recording of the webinar is now available.


Martin Edic

Martin is a writer and marketer who specializes in creating content for delivery online via the web and mobile. Former Jorsek Employee.
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