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Over the past ten years, product documentation groups have greatly benefited from the adoption of the DITA standard. By structuring their high-value, customer-facing content, they have optimized the creation, management, and publishing processes and dramatically reduced costs and time to market. However, the rest of the enterprise has been slow to move their content to a standards-based environment. Is this a missed opportunity?

whitepaper smalleasyDITA is pleased to announce the release of the white paper DITA for Everyone – It’s Not Just for TechPubs! This paper highlights the benefits of DITA for the product development, training, support and marketing organizations and provides insight into how they can improve their productivity through closer collaboration with the technical publications department.

Beyond cost savings, the technical publications department can bring value to the core revenue generation functions of the enterprise. Technology gives companies the tools to engage their customers like never before, providing information that responds to their needs. That kind of content creates value and builds brand loyalty.

The paper looks at four scenarios where the technical publications departments can use their DITA-based knowledge, experience, and tools to support cross-organizational success across the enterprise:

  • Product Engineering – streamlining the process of information gathering and review
  • Marketing – multiple outputs, multiple languages from a single source
  • Customer support/field support – topic-based content that is targeted and easy to find
  • Training/Education – reduce localization costs by an average of 70%

For each of these scenarios, we describe the typical current environment, the potential benefits of DITA-based collaboration with the technical publications staff, and illustrate with examples based on real-life success stories with the easyDITA™ platform for authoring, management, and publishing of DITA content.

Download the white paper here: Resources

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