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Webinar – easyDITA Editor 2.0

Three years ago, we began a quest to create an editor that would usher in a new era of DITA content development. Our goal was to advance our editor beyond the expectations of what people thought a DITA authoring tool and CCMS could do. We focused on what truly matters to creators and organizations alike: speed, usability, and collaboration.

After countless hours of painstaking effort, we are excited to release the new version of the easyDITA editor.

We’re pulling back the curtain. Come be one of the first to see this new editor in action.
Join our webinar on Thursday, November 15th at 12:00 PM EST where we’ll show off it’s unique and powerful features.

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Feature Updates

Real-time collaboration
Topic editor modes
Drag and drop map editor
Side-by-side source editor
Rapid review widget
Fast key search
Automatically save work
Real-time validation
Schematron enforcement
And many more!


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