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Workflow, Translation Management, Search Enhanced

One of the exciting things about working on easyDITA, our DITA XML authoring tool and CMS, is finding new and better ways that we can help our customers do great work. Over the past three years we have maintained an ambitious schedule of product upgrades that have resulted in major improvements to the customer experience and better performance under the hood.

We have several big releases planned for the first half of 2014; the first one is rolling out as we speak. See it in action by registering for our first-ever “Quickinar” – a 40-minute webinar that will walk you through the major features of easyDITA, with an emphasis on what’s new and improved.

See the New Release of easyDITA

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What’s New?

Progress Dashboard – See how far along your document is and how far it has to go. The Progress Dashboard allows you to see the status of each topic/map, review everyone’s comments in one place, compare versions, track tickets, and visualize changes.

Translation Management – Built-in block level Translation Memory and full XLIFF support so you only retranslate the content that has changed.

Search – Find exactly what you are looking for by expanding your queries to include tags and Subject Scheme Taxonomy.

Author DITA Learning and Training Content – Need to produce learning and training content in multiple languages? easyDITA offers simple interfaces that are perfect for you!

See What Changed – easyDITA now offers an easy way to generate a “track changes” view of any deliverable. Simply select your publication and the date range and get a document preview with red/green lines and change bars.

The new release also makes a number of improvements to the UI, making it even easier to assign tasks in the workflow ticketing system, quickly insert DITA elements in the Editor, and validate and store documents in the repository.

Want all of the power of DITA XML without all the hassle?

easyDITA is a complete DITA XML authoring and content management tool that’s powerful enough for the professional technical writer, yet friendly enough for the subject matter expert. easyDITA will have you collaborating with DITA content on Day 1. It’s flexible enough to be delivered via either Software as a Service or installed on-premises. Not only that, it’s affordable for organizations of all sizes.

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