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We’re pleased to announce that you can now access the easyDITA User Guide on-line at We authored the User Guide entirely in easyDITA. Using our soon to be released integration with MindTouch TCS – a social Help system – we published our DITA map to MindTouch. The structure of the DITA map was used to determine the MindTouch hierarchy. All the cross reference links were resolved to hyperlinks in MindTouch, and the media were inserted at appropriate places. We even used the MindTouch User Guide template to style the table of contents you see on the top level page.

The best part is when you leave us a comment on the User Guide in MindTouch, that comment is viewable in the easyDITA Content Manager and Editor, so we get your feedback right where it matters – at the author’s fingertips.

MindTouch comments in easyDITA

We’re very excited about this capability, and we think you will be too. You can check it out for yourself in a free trial. Request a Free Trial of easyDITA, and be sure to set up a trial of MindTouch at the same time. You’ll need to enter your MindTouch server URL when you’re ready to publish from easyDITA.

Free 30 Day Trial