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The Art of Explanation

Leading a Content Strategy Across the Enterprise

Join us on December 17 for Coffee & Content with award-winning author Anna SchlegelVice President, Global Portfolio Lifecycle Management at NetApp. We’ll discuss what leadership looks like and how it can impact enterprise content strategy initiatives. You’ll learn why NetApp has decided to create the role of Customer Experience Czar to help the firm reach its goal of providing frictionless content experiences. And, you’ll discover why creating a customer experience model can help you ensure that other departments and functional areas understand what customer experience excellence looks like.

The Changing Nature of English Grammar

Join us for a chat with Mignon Fogarty, founder of the Quick and Dirty Tips network and creator of Grammar Girl, as we discuss the evolution of grammar rules and word choice guidelines that can confound even the best writers.

[WATCH NOW] Why We Bother to Map the Customer Journey

Customer Journey Maps (CJMs) are recognized across industries as key components to improving customer experience or the content that supports it. Why?

Especially in times of crisis, understanding the priorities and pain points of your audience is essential. Maybe you want to be more customer-centric; to increase relevance or personalize content; to cut out content that’s not driving improvements to customer experience, or to simply optimize your processes and team interactions.

Ok, great. But what do you actually change? What do you focus on this week, month, or year? CJMs help align strategy to zero in on what will deliver the greatest ROI in your unique brand situation.

Join us for the next episode of Coffee & Content with omnichannel content strategist, Noz Urbina. We’ll tease out how to best build content strategies and experiences. Attend this session to learn the benefits and the key concepts to making your CJMs better than the rest.

[WATCH NOW] Digital Selling: Connecting Salespeople to Customers with Technology & Content

New technologies can help us connect business website visitors to living, breathing salespeople. Using them effectively requires customer journey mapping, content strategy, and experience design. This conversation will list some important emerging technologies, and describe some scenarios of how they can be used, and what it takes to create a “great” customer experience.

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