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Learn about the basics of content management

If you’re just getting started with structured content management, this is the place for you.

What is Structured Content?

People often understand content as thoughts or ideas expressed in forms such as words and documents, videos, images, etc. These are all different forms of content.

Structured content is content must conform to a predetermined standard.
A predetermined standard makes your structured content intelligible for applications and systems.

What is a Component Content Management System?

Content management is a big concern with company-wide ramifications. So what makes a Component Content Management System, or CCMS, unique?

A typical Content Management System tracks content in the form of pages or documents. However, A CCMS tracks the content in the form of components. Those components are smaller chunks of content that are combined and recombined to create the larger documents.

What is a Single Source of Truth?

A Single Source of Truth is a phrase that is often misunderstood. That’s because a Single Source of Truth is not a thing – it’s a state.

Achieving a Single Source of Truth is like achieving zen. It’s a transcendent state of being for your company knowledge.

A single source of truth is a description of a state for company knowledge. In this state, your knowledge is of the highest integrity. Content is normalized, componentized, and centralized.

What is DITA XML?

Every technical communicator has heard of DITA XML, but the function, purpose, and nuance of the standard is often misunderstood.

That’s because DITA XML is fundamentally different from other techcomm standards.

Interested to learn more about this unique way of seeing technical documentation and the ideas behind it?

Learn more and see how DITA XML can work for you.

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