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easyDITA’s authoring interface brings together ease-of-use and power. Contributors of all backgrounds will find themselves at home developing content in easyDITA. The intuitive, Microsoft Word style interaction will be familiar to casual authors. Power users will love the advanced hotkeys which provide lightning-fast, direct access to the XML structure.

  • Easy-to-use authoring interface
  • Perfect, semantic XML content
  • Consistent content structure and formatting


easyDITA is an enterprise-grade Component Content Management System without the complexity. Built using the most modern practices in user interface, easyDITA delivers a CCMS that’s enjoyable.

  • Single source
  • Link management that scales
  • File history and revision management
  • Store, organize, and classify any file type


Content that starts in easyDITA can go anywhere. easyDITA provides publishing to all major formats and connectors for many website and knowledge-based systems.

  • Multi-channel publishing to PDF, ePub, JavaHelp, XHTML, HTML5, WebHelp, and more
  • Direct publishing to WordPress, Mindtouch,, and more
  • Supports large documents


easyDITA’s search is built to find and discover the right content in a vast DITA XML repository. Using a full text, metadata, and taxonomy enabled search, easyDITA returns the most relevant XML and media content.

  • XML-aware full text search
  • Highly configurable
  • Filter results by metadata facets
  • Search all file types, including images, video, and PDF


Taxonomy provides the ability to relate and classify content in many ways. This translates to better findability and a more productive team.

  • Simple term management
  • Drag and drop topic classification
  • Focused search using taxonomy terms


The final piece of the findability puzzle is easyDITA’s unlimited metadata fields for classifying content and filtering search. This provides users an style experience for finding and discovering  content.

  • Unlimited metadata fields
  • Consistent values through taxonomy
  • Filter search results


easyDITA is built from the ground up for teams to work together. Every part of the content development process is streamlined to provide the most efficient collaborative workflow possible.

  • Work together on publications
  • Simple interface for reviewers
  • Comments and activity tracking


From custom workflows to management analytics, take full control of your content life-cycle. Streamline editorial workflow with online review. Assign tasks, approve changes, and control document versions.

  • Customizable authoring interface
  • Online review
  • Assign tasks, approve changes, and control document versions


easyDITA reduces the overhead of translating technical content, making the process consistent and straight forward.

  • Automated organization of translated content
  • Publish in any language
  • Supports XLIFF and 3rd party tools

Flexible and Affordable

easyDITA is a scalable platform that fits organizations of any size. From a single technical writer in a home office to a skyscraper with hundreds of content developers, DITA content management has never been this easy or affordable.

  • Scalable platform that grows with you
  • Affordable pricing tiers
  • Module-based pricing to fit your needs

Enterprise Ready

easyDITA is built to scale. Cutting-edge linking, indexing, and storage technology allows easyDITA to manage millions of topics with hundreds of millions of links.

  • Built for global teams
  • Granular metrics and custom reporting
  • Supports large document sets
  • Integrated audit control

No Lock In

easyDITA’s uses strict Darwin Information Typing Architecture open standard to allow for the easy transfer of content. No proprietary file types for us.


  • Open standard
  • Pure DITA adherence
  • No proprietary file types
Additional Benefits

Revision History Tracking

Integrated Approval System

Translation Memory

Release Management

Conrefs and Keyrefs

Branching Support

Drag and Drop Editor

Browser Based

XML Validation

Simple Reuse

Easy Import and Export

Digital Media Storage/DAM integration

Localization Management

Antenna House SaaS

DITA OT Support

Audit Trails

Native XML Database


Antenna House

DITA - Open Toolkit




SuiteHelp Publishing


Moodle (Via SCORM)

Delta XML

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