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easyDITA at a Glance

Everything you need for structured content


More than letters and words, easyDITA makes it simple to enrich your content semantically, enabling everyone in your organization to create intelligent content for knowledge bases, chatbots, printed manuals, and more. We’ve put all the power of DITA XML in an authoring system as easy to use as Google Docs. easyDITA is built for everyone, from power users to casual reviewers, so everyone can contribute together.

  • Powerful content reuse tools in a single source repository
  • The only real-time XML collaborative system
  • Lightning-fast load time makes it easier to manage large volumes of content


easyDITA is an enterprise-grade Component Content Management System built with the most modern practices in content management in mind.

  • Single-source content
  • Complete link management
  • Full file history and revision management
  • Classify, store, and organize your information types, folders, and files


easyDITA enables you to transform your DITA content to multiple output formats and publish to static formats, websites, learning management systems, and knowledge-bases.
  • Multichannel publishing to PDF, ePub, JavaHelp, XHTML, HTML5, WebHelp, context sensitive help, and more
  • Direct publishing to other content systems, such as MindTouch
  • Supports publishing large document sets with ease
easyDITA’s powerful search is designed to quickly search your structured content repository and find what you’re looking for. Using a combination of full text search and metadata filtering, easyDITA instantly returns the most relevant content.
  • Search hundreds of thousands of files in under a second
  • Specifically designed for searching structured XML content
  • Filter your searches to a granular level with ease
  • Search using both custom and system-default metadata

easyDITA makes collaboration faster and easier than ever. Your authors and reviewers can now work simultaneously in the same document without any slowdown in performance. Send your editors review assignments and they can quickly edit, suggest, comment, or view specified content. With easyDITA, document review is painless.

  • Add and track suggested changes directly in the text
  • Intuitive interface for reviewers
  • Maintain specific control over document permissions


easyDITA allows unlimited metadata fields for classifying content and filtering search results. Custom taxonomy structures enable you to relate and classify content in many ways. This translates to better findability and a more efficient and productive team.
  • User-created taxonomies for organizing and applying metadata terms
  • Enforce consistent values through taxonomy structures, or allow free-form, user-specific label metadata for filtered searching
  • Get filtered search results using your custom and our default, system-wide metadata


easyDITA enables you to easily package your content, send it out for translation, and then upload the translated content back into the system.
  • Automated organization of translated content
  • Localization Manager provides up to date information on the status of localized content
  • Supports XLIFF and third party translation tools

Additional Benefits

  • XML Validation
  • Simple Reuse
  • Easy Import and Export
  • Digital Media Storage/DAM integration
  • Antenna House SaaS
  • DITA OT Support
  • Audit Trails
  • Native XML Database
  • Revision History Tracking
  • Integrated Approval System
  • Translation Memory
  • Release Management
  • Conrefs and Keyrefs
  • Branching Support
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Browser Based


  • DeltaXML
  • XTM International
  • oXygen
  • SuiteHelp Publishing
  • MindTouch
  • DITA – Open Toolkit
  • Antenna House
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