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easyDITA CCMS at a Glance

Everything you need for all your content

One Solution For All Your Content

easyDITA is everything you need to successfully create, manage, and publish structured content. Structured content is a foundation to enable and deploy documentation sites, chatbots, knowledge bases, and integrate with other systems to meet your business needs.

Content Authoring

easyDITA makes it simple to enrich your content semantically, enabling everyone, from power users to casual reviewers, to collaborate and create structured content that’s ready to deploy to every channel, system, or format you need. The power of DITA XML in an authoring tool that’s as easy to use as MS Word, coupled with a fast collaborative review process, gives you the capability to speed up content development and leverage structured content to meet your needs today as well as in the future.


Source XML Editor

With the side by side view of our authoring tool and the XML code, you can view and edit the code alongside the rendered topic

Lightning-Fast Load Times

Load and edit maps in seconds


Multilevel Map Editing

Edit the structure of a map and its submaps at one time without the need to open multiple submaps separately

The entire easyDITA product, from authoring through to publishing has been intuitive, flexible, and robust. Additionally, the easyDITA support team has been phenomenal in their responsiveness and effectiveness.

Steve George

Manager of Content Management and Training, Skyward

Multi-Channel Publishing

easyDITA enables you to transform your DITA content to multiple output formats and publish to any channel in a variety of formats including websites, learning management systems, and knowledge bases.

Multichannel publishing

PDF, ePub, JavaHelp, XHTML, HTML5, WebHelp, context sensitive help, and more

Robust REST APIs

Pairing our publishing connector with another system enables advanced content publishing across channels and devices

Conditionalized Documentation

Manage custom content to multiple audiences with ease

Before easyDITA, translating our product manuals was expensive and time-consuming. With easyDITA’s turnkey localization workflow, getting our content from English to the 17 languages we now support is about as automatic as you can get.

Doug Hammack

Senior Technical Writer, Alliance Laundry Systems

Single Source Content Management

easyDITA is an enterprise-grade Component Content Management System that serves as a single repository for all your content, providing a single source of the truth when developing, managing, and maintaining your documentation.

File history and revisions

Review, manage, and restore previous versions of your documentation whenever you need to

Dynamic Content Reuse

Easily find and reuse content to eliminate duplication of efforts

Real-Time Validation

Maps are automatically analyzed upon opening for validation errors and issues are marked with indicators

Using easyDITA we’ve been able to streamline our publishing process, improve our search, and lower our call center support costs. The easyDITA project has been, and continues to be, a significant win for Allstate Business Insurance.

Larry Porter

Content Manager, Allstate

Fully Collaborative Review

Collaboration is faster and easier than ever. Your authors and reviewers can now work simultaneously in the same document without any slowdown in performance. Send your editors review assignments and they can quickly edit, suggest, comment, or view specified content. Document review is painless and efficient.

Real-time Collaboration

With easyDITA, your entire team can work within the same document without file locking, check-in, check-out, or system slowdown

Efficient Review

Quickly view, edit, suggest, or comment on specific content


Assignment Control

Assignment workflows track progress and keep your projects moving forward

Authoring with easyDITA is intuitive and user-friendly, and its review capabilities enable many different workflow possibilities.

David Katz

Product Applications Director, Analog Devices

Additional Benefits



Using a combination of full-text search and metadata filtering, easyDITA instantly returns the most relevant content.

  • Search hundreds of files in seconds
  • Custom taxonomy structures enable you to relate and classify content in many ways
  • Get faceted search results using your custom and our default, system-wide metadata


Easily package your content, send it out for translation, and upload the translated content back into your system.

  • Save money, only retranslate what you change
  • Localization Manager provides up to date information on the status of localized content
  • Supports XLIFF and third-party translation tools


Gain full control and insight into your content lifecycle with custom workflows and management analytics.

  • Customizable workflows to meet your organization’s needs
  • Use assignment workflows to assign tasks, approve changes and control document versions
  • Track progress to keep projects moving forward
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