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DITA Authoring

Intuitive DITA Editing

Now you can write DITA content without writing in XML markup. With a simple WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) design, anyone familiar with text editing can immediately start creating DITA content.

Nimble DITA Authoring

Add advanced DITA elements without taking your hands off the keyboard. The Quick Action Menu provides access to commands and inserts your elements intelligently into the next logical place in your document.

Structured XML Under the Hood

As you write in the Topic Editor, behind the scenes easyDITA is creating an XML document. You can also write and edit XML directly in the Source Editor, which is made friendlier using syntax coloring and XML validation.

Learning and Training Content

With over 100 learning and training elements to choose from, easyDITA provides a powerful, SCORM-compliant platform to create interactive courses. You can connect your content to any DITA-compliant Learning Management System.

Key Definitions

easyDITA supports sophisticated and powerful reuse practices, such as using key defintions. Key definitions help you contextualize your content for specific audiences. Learn all about reuse and key definitions at a TC Dojo Open Session.

Controlled Fields

easyDITA makes sure you insert elements in a valid location in the document by filtering list of available elements you can insert, which is based on your cursor location in the document.

Integrated Media

You can upload and manage images, videos, and other multimedia files in the easyDITA repository. Making images reusable across all of your documentation and adding them to your content are simple tasks in easyDITA.

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