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We talk to a lot of customers who are implementing technical documentation and help systems. Their challenge today is to deliver content to multiple audiences in multiple formats and languages, while taking advantage of every possible efficiency to keep costs low. Many of these customers have found the ideal solution is easyDITA, an end-to-end system that makes it easy to create, manage, publish, localize, and deliver technical documentation to browsers, smartphones and apps from a single information source.

easyDITA enables organizations to:

  • Reuse content between product documentation, marketing and training
  • Collaboratively author, review and approve new content quickly
  • Manage consistency of content and avoid duplication
  • Publish to multiple formats easily
  • Localize content automatically and never translate anything twice
  • Display content dynamically and adapt information to individual situations

What is DITA?

DITA XML is an open-source framework for creating structured content systems. Developed by IBM in consultation with leading Technical Documentation experts, DITA defines a standard way to categorize information and a common architecture that promotes the consistent creation, sharing, and reuse of component content. Easy to implement and maintain, it integrates well with other systems and can be extended and customized to meet future needs.

Structuring your content makes it smarter, enabling you to engineer processes that dynamically respond to context and provide information that is relevant to individual situations. With DITA, you can manipulate content like data, query it like a database, and make it available to your support desk, knowledge bases, and company websites. Customers receive personalized information based on who they are, where they are, what device they are using, and anything else you ask them. Content that is easy to find and responsive creates a great customer experience and builds brand loyalty.

Why easyDITA?

A growing community of information developers is using easyDITA to build state-of-the-art technical documentation and training. With our complete, easy-to-use component content management tool for authoring, storing, publishing, and localizing content, they are designing and implementing unified content development environments that improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  • easyDITA offers documentation teams a familiar word processing-style interface for authoring structured content, getting you up and running quickly.
  • Separating content from presentation (style, format, structure) frees writers to concentrate on what they do best, instead of spending half their time fussing with fonts.
  • Reusing modular materials from a single source repository means less duplication and less maintenance, making it easier to catch errors before customers see them.
  • Finding reusable modules is fast and easy with smart search that digs deep inside your content.

easyDITA gets results that go beyond cost savings and actually improve the quality of the content itself. Feedback loops allow content developers to see customer comments and suggestions right in the authoring environment. Delivering targeted information at the point of need, in the right language and on the preferred device, increases customer satisfaction.

Who needs it?

Companies that are growing rapidly will have to think seriously about future-proofing all their content creation and delivery systems. The world is changing rapidly, and your audience expects to be able to access content when they want and how they want. Organizations that get it right will have a huge competitive advantage.

Here are some other use cases for DITA:

  • Companies that are expanding globally can manage their multilingual content and automate their translation workflow.
  • Companies that are currently using DITA can reuse content across the organization – in technical documentation, training, marketing and more.
  • Companies in highly-regulated industries that need to meet rigorous standards will benefit from audit trails that are built into easyDITA.
  • Forward-thinking companies who are producing documentation for smartphones and tablets that dynamically adapt to the learner’s location, skill level, role, etc.

Want to learn more?

Every organization is unique, and the solution to your technical documentation challenges begins with a conversation about your goals and how to best reach them. Without a content strategy that is agreed to by all stakeholders, successful implementation of a structured content solution is nearly impossible. We would love to talk to you about all this. Contact us.

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