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These days, Hazard Statements, product warnings and other content are published in many places beyond the traditional printed User Guide. Given this new reality, finding ways to create this content once and then reuse it over and over again can save you time and money. More important, it helps ensure that your product is consistently used in a safe manner that meets all regulatory requirements.

The ability to create boilerplate content like a hazard statement and store it where it can be easily accessed for reuse should be one of the core functionalities of your content management system. Here is how easyDITA does it:

  1. Create a file to contain all hazard statements, warnings, etc.

  2. Insert a Hazard Statement into this file.

The <hazardstatement> element in DITA contains hazard warning information based on the regulations of ANSI Z535 and ISO 3864. Select the type of hazard, add information about the specific hazard and how to avoid it, and add one or more safety symbols.

Add as many hazard statements to this file as you want.

Next step: How to include a Hazard Statement or other reusable snippet in another document


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