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One of the primary reasons for structuring your content is to maximize the use you get out of each word you write.  Reuse is one of the biggest factors to consider when calculating the return on your investment in DITA tools and processes. It can help you document more products with fewer resources, and streamline the management of all that content to ensure quality.

In a previous blog, we explained how to create a warning, Hazard Statement, or other content snippet for reuse and store it in your content management system. Here’s how to access the snippet and insert it into a document using the easyDITA CCMS:

  1. Open a document, click “Reuse Content”, and navigate to the file containing the hazard statements, warnings, you previously created.

  2. Select the Hazard Statement you want to insert.

At the click of a button, you can insert the hazard statement into dozens of publications, web sites and help systems. If the statement ever changes, you only have to change it in one place. easyDITA keeps track of and updates each instance automatically.

Making reuse easy and accessible to all your content contributors is just one of the many ways that easyDITA saves you time, saves you money and improves customer satisfaction with your documentation.

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