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One of the strengths of DITA XML is that it “chunks” your content into small, reusable parts. Once a topic has been reviewed and approved, it is combined with other files to create books, web pages, online help, smartphone apps and other deliverables.

Reusing content stored in a single source repository means documentation managers don’t have to maintain duplicate information. Review cycles become less repetitious, and less expensive, when you only have to review content that has changed.

However, it can be challenging to manage the creation, review and distribution of all this information across your organization. Technical content has many stakeholders and complex workflows; you need a Component Content Management System like easyDITA to keep everyone working together effectively.

In our new release of the easyDITA XML CMS we added a tool that will help you keep better track of your deliverables as they move through the development cycle from authoring to review to publication. Now when you open a deliverable, or “map”, in easyDITA, you can quickly review its high-level status on the new Progress tab.

Assess Your Progress

A pie chart shows the percentage of map elements that are Approved, In Progress, Not Set, etc.

Clicking on View Status List shows you a detailed status of each individual element, sortable by Name, Owner and Document Type.



Track Your Changes

The Progress tab shows you all the changes that have been made to a deliverable over a period of time. Simply select the date range that you want to examine by either clicking on the calendar or selecting a Milestone from the drop-down list.


Click View Difference for a “track changes” view of all the edits, complete with red/green lines and change bars.

You can also see any comments that reviewers have made, including who made the comment and who resolved it. If you are still collecting feedback on hard copy MS-Word or PDF documents, you know what a time saver this could be.


Manage Collaboration

easyDITA gives you the ability to manage workflow by assigning jobs to authors, reviewers and approvers using Tickets. [See How to streamline product documentation review and approval.]

progress-ticketThe Progress tab gives you a graphical display of all the Tickets that are associated with a deliverable. You can group the Tickets in the list by User or by Document, and see all the Tickets that Need My Attention, are Past Due, Open or Closed.

Clicking on a Ticket in the list will open it, and you can Approve, Disapprove, Comment or Cancel the Ticket right from this screen.

easyDITA’s collaborative workflow environment can help you keep your projects on schedule. More important, making it easy to collect feedback online ensures that your final deliverable is accurate and understandable, increasing customer satisfaction.

Sign up for an easyDITA Free Trial and find out for yourself how easy it can be to get your whole team working together to produce state-of-the-art product documentation.

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