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Learning and Training

Effective Training for Today

Build a component-based foundation for learning. easyDITA is the fast and efficient way to create and manage learning and training content at a granular level. This granular level of control is perfect for learning objective based content. When you author in easyDITA, you create reusable chunks of content. Reusing this content without copying and pasting means improved efficiency, speed, and consistency across your publications. easyDITA powers scalable, component-based, learning and training content development for the modern enterprise.

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The Learning and Training Problems We Solve


  • Deadlines. There is always a deadline waiting around the corner. The race against the clock never ends and fast content delivery matters.
  • Maintaining accurate content. Information is always shifting. The result is constant content edits to reflect the new information. In non-component based systems, every edit you make must apply to all relevant instances of content. Your content must be manually updated as well as tracked to ensure accuracy and consistency. Over time, this content maintenance demands increasing time and effort and prevents progress.


  • Create, Edit, Review – Fast! Meet your deadlines. easyDITA is designed for speed. Collaborate with team members in the same document and immediately receive feedback or edits from subject matter experts. Simultaneous collaboration removes the typical workflow bottlenecks for faster production and output.
  • easyDITA provides fast, manageable content reuse. Increase your consistency and accuracy across your content. When updating the document, you edit the original component of content, and the changes apply to all reused instances of that content. This change in approach means your content can quickly reflect the new information.


Functional, Flexible, and Scalable Content

Get the most out of your content by authoring in easyDITA. When you construct your documents in easyDITA, you are creating content that is functional, flexible, and scalable. Freely deliver your content to standards-based learning formats (like SCORM, Instructor Led Training, or Blended-Learning Platforms) or take advantage of Learning Management System (LMS) functions (such as run-time behaviors, progress tracking systems, or user analytics).

Collaborate Freely

Writing accurate learning and training content requires input from subject matter experts (SMEs). Simultaneously writing, editing, and reviewing with as many users as necessary enables your team to collaborate within easyDITA freely. Collaborators can be full-fledged writers, editors, or SMEs. easyDITA provides an ideal environment in which your team can unite to create accurate content efficiently.

Scale with Reuse

Write your content once and then reuse it endlessly to scale alongside content demand. With easyDITA, write your learning content as topics, and reuse those topics or even parts of those topics where you need when you need. When your learning and training materials require updates, edit only the original content topics. Your changes will reflect across all your reused instances.

Write it Right

Writing for learning objectives requires a different mindset. Your content must be well-organized and written in components in a non-contextual way. This is the same mindset used for creating content for reuse. We designed easyDITA precisely for this style of writing. Combining this new mindset with easyDITA, you will create content that you’ve optimized for both learning objectives and reuse of those learning objective topics.

The entire easyDITA product, from authoring through to publishing has been intuitive, flexible, and robust. Additionally, the easyDITA support team has been phenomenal in their responsiveness and effectiveness.

Steve George

Manager of Content Management and Training, Skyward

Build a Foundation for Learning and Training

easyDITA makes your Learning and Training goals possible. To find out more, talk with one of our experts and learn how easy it is to start and take your content to the next level.  

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