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Product Documentation

Stay Ahead of Your Company’s Product Evolution

Write, edit, review, and publish accurate product documentation faster than ever. easyDITA CMS is the first real-time collaborative XML editor for teams of tech writers. Create and reuse quality product documentation and keep up with your company’s growing demands.

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Product Documentation Shouldn’t Be Hard


  • Your product docs team is likely understaffed yet overworked. High expectations paired with limited access to subject matter experts results in a stressed team that is always trying to keep up.
  • Your workflows are inconsistent. Perhaps you have an official workflow, but this workflow is routinely pushed off due to unexpected complications or fast approaching deadlines.
  • Publishing the document to its various outputs can feel like it takes as much time as writing the document itself. Formatting issues pop up with each publication of the same piece of content.


  • easyDITA’s fast and fully collaborative software allows teams to work simultaneously on the same documents. With reviewer roles and simple Assignment workflows, your team will produce better documentation in less time.
  • Workflows that simplify, not confuse. easyDITA’s Assignment workflow system lets you easily create custom workflows with automated triggers for fast turnaround and consistent quality.  
  • Effective, push-button publishing. Once you create documentation, easyDITA enables multi-channel publishing for static and dynamic outputs. Formatting is standardized and automated during the publishing process. 


True Collaboration

easyDITA’s high-speed editor is the first and only real-time collaborative XML editor. Authors and reviewers can work simultaneously in the same document. Comments and change tracking make coordinating updates simple. Merging changes is effortless and document locking is a thing of the past. Finally, product experts and authors can collaborate in real-time to create better documentation faster than ever.  

Rapid Multi-channel Publishing

Transform your DITA content to multiple output formats. easyDITA allows you to quickly publish and deliver your documentation to your reader. easyDITA supports a broad variety of formats such as PDF, Chatbots, context-sensitive help, ePub, JavaHelp, XHTML, HTML5, WebHelp, and much more.

Powerful Structured Content

Leverage the scalable power of structured DITA content. Structured content adds functionality and long-term value to your documentation. With easyDITA, creating structured content becomes faster, more efficient, and future-proof. Author with easyDITA and experience higher returns at every step along to content process from start to publish and beyond.

A Single Source of Truth

easyDITA is your single source of truth. In easyDITA, maintaining high-quality documentation is straightforward. A single source also provides control over your document’s versioning, it streamlines your workflow process, and it is fully searchable. Eliminate content silos and duplicated documents. easyDITA provides centralized content for a better documentation  management experience.