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Case Study: Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

A revenue-generating portal for business-critical accounting standards

The Challenge

SASB is not-for-profit organization that compiles standards for sustainability accounting across a wide range of industries and business sectors. With hundreds of standards, applying to a wide range of materials, accounting requirements and geographic regions, SASB had been supplying standards on an individual or package purchase basis. Their customers wanted the ability o purchase subsciptions to standards available in the areas relevant to their needs. These subscriptions would be available on the SASB website with advanced abilities to search and group by various factors. The site would also have an ecommerce function that could handle billing and customer administration for subscription purchases and renewals. With a very large set of standards containing hundreds of pages of information, managing the backend of this desired functionality posed a considerable challenge.

The JorsekCMS Solution

Working with the jorsekCMS development team and SASB’s internal information architects, it was determined that moving the existing standards content into a topic-based structure in the JorsekCMS would create the necessary back-end functionality needed to build the consumer-friendly search and purchasing interface on the web site. The JorsekCMS team worked with SASB to configure the CMS to support this activity and the existing document was migrated into the CMS. Metadata associated with the content drove the online search capabilities and a user-interface was designed on top of the Jorsek CMS that drew content from the central repository and published descriptions to an online portal. Once a visitor had found and chosen the content they wanted to subscribe to, the portal connected to an ecommerce backend (built by by third part vendor) for purchase.

Once the buyer had their access credentials, the portal became their private access point for the publications included in their subscription. Delivery of the materials again pulled from JorsekCMS utilizing conditionalization based on the subscriber’s access rights.


Known as the SASB Navigator, the finished product was launched in Q3/2016. Visitors using the Navigator encountered an elegant and intuitive search interface that navigated them through the various subscription options based on their preferences entered into the system while navigating. Pricing was generated and a purchase initiated. In turn they were given secure access logins, with rights management for their users.

For SASB, this gave them a recurring revenue model (annual subscriptions) and a self-serve customer portal with a sophisticated search functionality that opened up access to their large library of complex documents. For their clients, it unlocked the convenience of a subscription that has a fixed cost and auto-renewals that offers constantly updated content, easily searchable from a very friendly user-interface.

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