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At Innovatia, we are constantly thinking about how to drive our business forward by delivering even more value to our customers. For more than a decade we have honed our technical capabilities and mined strategic insight for efficiencies designed to increase shareholder value and customer satisfaction. We have built a passionate team of educators, technicians and writers, and together crafted interactive, adaptable training courses, documentation materials, support mechanisms and other tools that become a living resource for our customers. We are knowledge management consultants. We strive for long-term relationships with our customers relationships that create efficiencies that significantly boost return on investment. We approach every customer relationship with an eye on the future. That means we deliver a single training course with the same care and attention as we do when we build and deploy a customized, social-media integrated support network across multiple platforms, locations and time zones. Its about value. And people understand value. That’s why today we are one of North Americas largest documentation and training outsourcers. Our team of more than 300 information developers, technical support professionals, information architects and solution developers are working to support clients around the world from our offices in Canada, the United States and India.
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