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Simply XML provides simple solutions for creating and publishing DITA content from Microsoft® Word.

Content Mapper allows anyone who uses Microsoft® Word to contribute content to the DITA publishing effort and will allow any organization to take full advantage of XML. Content Mapper lets authors focus on what they do best. Authors can continue to work in the familiar Word environment while benefiting from the DITA standard. Together both browser-based and Word-based authoring are a simple reality.

Simply XML and Jorsek are strongly committed to enabling organizations of all sizes and types to realize the benefits of DITA. Our success is built upon the offering simplicity, ease of use, great technology, and an unbeatable value proposition for customers. This combination offers a powerful, cost effective, and easy to implement solution to the XML adoption process. Simply XML is excited to be a Jorsek partner and to more broadly serve customers around the globe.

Content Mapper and easyDITA drive economical end-to-end content creation, management, and publishing of content. Content Mapper manages all the XML behind the scenes so that writers can create their documents using the familiar Microsoft Word interface. It allows global organizations to achieve content reuse, multichannel publishing, team productivity, and content quality improvements.

Together, Content Mapper and easyDITA meet the needs of large and small organizations, providing rapid ROI on DITA adoption.

Jorsek is a reseller of Simply XML products. easyDITA is integrated with Content Mapper for creating and publishing DITA content in Word.

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