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Part One looks at the challenges involved in creating release notes and best practices for delivering high-quality releases:

  • Why release notes are critical piece of any technical communication strategy
  • The reputational issues: People care about the quality of release notes, and they tell the world about the good…and the bad (with examples)
  • A recommended template for organizing release notes
  • A view into the four levels of release note sophistication: Curation, Organization, Integration, and Personalization
  • How great release notes become a significant business asset.
Casey is a software entrepreneur and an open standards evangelist.

In 2005 Casey co-founded Jorsek LLC, with the goal of improving how the world created and exchanged content. Jorsek developed and brought to market a new component content management system focused around DITA, an open standard for authoring, organizing, and delivering high-value information.

Casey played a key role in developing the business model and architecture for Jorsek's flagship product, an advanced web-based XML content management system called easyDITA.
Casey Jordan