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Open vs Proprietary

Choosing content authoring and management tools with proprietary formats has broad strategic implications. This white paper visits five scenarios and looks at how this decision may materially limit your options.

What is DITA Panflit

What Is DITA

An introduction to basic DITA concepts, the business case for DITA adoption, and a set of useful criteria for choosing a DITA CCMS solution.

AIIM Survey Report

Innovating Content Creation and Reuse

In 2015, AIIM surveyed 307 members on content creation and reuse and where the need for structured content is greatest. This paper offers extensive insights into the challenges and issues involved.

Great Customer Experiences

Great Customer Experiences

This paper shows how applying structure to your content with the DITA XML standard enables you to engineer processes that improve the flow of information to (and from) your customers.

DITA for everyone white paper

DITA For Everyone

This paper highlights the benefits of working with the Technical Documentation team for internal groups like Marketing and Human Resources, providing insights into leveraging the valuable assets they create.

State of Collaboration 2014

State of Collaboration 2014

For the past two years, we have conducted a survey of technical communicators to benchmark current practices and better understand what barriers there are to collaboration. This paper reviews the findings of that survey.

Case Studies
Moving SASB to XML

SASB Case Study

How One Standards Development Organization Transformed Their Content Process and Stepped Into the Subscription Economy.

AJCC White Paper

AJCC Case Study

The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) has historically delivered its Cancer Staging Manual as a bound reference text. However, with over 80 chapters and 1000 pages of information, accessing specific, relevant content within the Staging Manual involved physically searching through the book.

Skyward Case Study: Transitioning To Structured Documentation in an Enterprise Software Business

Skyward Case Study

Skyward is a major provider of education management software, based in Wisconsin. They made the decision to move their content creation and management process to a DITA-based CCMS. This case study looks at the challenges and solutions that made this transition successful.

Allstate Business Insurance Case Study easyDITA

Allstate Case Study

For agents at Allstate Business Insurance (ABI), getting the information needed to quote and issue complex business insurance products was a challenge. Learn how their adoption of easyDITA made that process faster and more efficient.

Tegile Case Study

Tegile Case Study

Tegile provides high performance storage arrays to the aviation industry. This study highlights the reasons they chose easyDITA as their CCMS and how that choice materially improved their documentation processes.

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