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easyDITA is helping the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) change the way stakeholders measure value and the way that companies disclose information. Using easyDITA, SASB has released the the world’s first set of industry-specific sustainability accounting standards covering financially material issues. Through easyDITA, SASB is able to easily publish to multiple outputs including the Navigator, a dynamic, easy-to-use portal powered by easyDITA.

SASB is a standards board that sheds light on the issues that impact corporate performance. 

With so much financial information available, SASB focuses attention on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors that create or limit value. This incredible undertaking is made possible through easyDITA’s start-to-finish content management system.

“Our standards are now completely digital thanks to easyDITA’s content platform,” said Madhu Mathew, the Director of Technology at SASB. “The platform’s content reuse, search, review and analysis capabilities helped SASB ensure that our standards were consistent across all our 77 industries and are of the highest quality.” Researchers can collect, write, and develop content within easyDITA and effortlessly publish to a dynamic, user facing Navigator portal.

easyDITA’s component content management system allows SASB to author and organize massive amounts of information. Covering 77 different industries, SASB generates a unique report for each industry and uses easyDITA to publish to multiple outputs. “We are now able to effectively publish content to multiple destinations almost instantaneously, said Mathew. “Our codified standards are now available as PDFs, through the online site – Navigator, various data licensing feeds and Materiality Map. Prior to easyDITA, publishing took several weeks and even months to complete.”

The portal, built by easyDITA, features clean, user centric design, powerful search functionality, and includes API integrations from numerous data points letting clients gather, compile, and export what matters to them in a matter of minutes.

SASB’s work with easyDITA began as an internal knowledge base called the “Research Library.” This library allowed SASB to maintain all of their research and accumulated knowledge in a controlled and centralized setting with consistent input for easy reference and citation across the organization.

SASB’s early decision to utilize the DITA standard has paid off. By authoring documents in DITA vs simple text, their content is poised to deploy across any publishing channel. This makes their collection of knowledge a truly powerful asset.

About Jorsek LLC

Jorsek specializes in creating and providing structured content software and solutions. Jorsek’s flagship product is easyDITA. easyDITA is everything you need to successfully create, manage, and publish structured content. As a cloud-based authoring tool and component content management system (CCMS), easyDITA makes it easy for your organization to implement and leverage its most valuable resource, information.

About SASB

The SASB Foundation was founded in 2011 as a not-for-profit, independent standards-setting organization. The SASB Foundation’s mission is to establish and maintain industry-specific standards that assist companies in disclosing financially material, decision-useful sustainability information to investors.

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