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Single Source

Create once, deliver anywhere.

Single-sourced systems produce multiple outputs and versions that all originated from a single content repository. These systems are excellent for creating and maintaining large volumes of content. Changing the source content automatically updates all the documents that use the source content.

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Keep your documents up to date, no matter how many.


Increases in product lines and versions make maintaining product documentation a difficult task. Without one location to store documents, it is hard to tell how much relevant content you have and in what formats.

Excessive time is spent searching through documentation to find and update materials. Content needs to be manually reformatted for each publication type, resulting in inconsistencies across publications.

These problems lead to missed deadlines and so a slower time-to-market.


Single-sourcing enables you to manage all your content in the same location and in the same format. You can easily find and update documents making sure there’s never a holdup when delivering new features or products that are due documentation not being ready.

Configurable workflows are directly linked to documents so that you know the exact status of all your content that’s headed for production.

Automated formatting allows authors to focus on creating content, saving time, and keeping the published content formatted consistently.


Maintain Your Content

It takes time and money to write good content, so don’t let that value go to waste by leaving it inaccessible. Interaction workers spend 19% of their day “looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.” That’s 91 minutes every day, which equates to 400 hours a year, and an annual average of $9,360 of lost productivity per employee. Single-sourcing your content keeps the information uniform and easily indexed so your team can find the latest version right away.

Streamline Your Workflow

A 2015 study showed that employees saw inefficient processes as the number one cause of wasted time within an organization. Single-source content enables a streamlined workflow for writing, editing, and approving documentation. Maintaining a single-source solution means your workflow becomes shorter, faster, and trackable.

Control Your Content

One document can quickly spawn multiple separate versions, increasing the risk of publishing incorrect information. Having a single-source provides control over documentation and its versioning ensures that everyone in the company is viewing and using the same document for their publishing.

Publish Anywhere

Single-sourcing your content makes your content versatile and simple to deploy in a broad variety of digital products and platforms. Write it once, create publishing formats for each output type, and let the automation do the rest. easyDITA gives you the ability to focus on content production and let the fitting and tweaking of the document design be handled separately.

The entire easyDITA product, from authoring through to publishing has been intuitive, flexible, and robust. Additionally, the easyDITA support team has been phenomenal in their responsiveness and effectiveness.
Steve George

Manager of Content Management and Training, Skyward

Make Single Source Work for You

A Single Source mentality makes your content work harder so your writers don’t have to. If you’d like to learn more, talk with one of our experts and learn about how you can get the most value out of single source content with easyDITA.

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