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Soft Skills in the Virtual Workplace

Ye shall not live by hard skill alone.

Hosts Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Patrick Bosek, Co-Founder & CEO at Jorsek, makers of easyDITA, chat with CJ Walker, Founder of Firehead, a digital communication and training agency, as she outlines the importance of soft skills in the virtual workplace. 

It’s been a wild year for organizations across the globe. With many transferring to remote environments, the need for better communication has become glaringly apparent. New soft skills are the future of the evolving workplace.

Without adopting these soft skills, hard skills may lose some of their former efficacy. We’ll discuss how these soft skills are changing and how we need to adapt to them as the professional landscape continues to fluctuate.

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Featured Guest

CJ Walker

Founder, Managing Director, Firehead


CJ Walker is the founder and managing director of Firehead, a recruitment and training consultancy working across Europe in digital communications.

Through Firehead, she recruits and trains talent in technical communications, digital content management and strategy, and works to help content professionals develop the skills necessary to move into the age of AI.

A Cajun-Swede now settled in France, CJ’s academic background is in Linguistics. Her professional career spans technical communications, instructional design, information architecture, and digital communications.

She is a member of the board of the Information 4.0 Consortium and the International Manager for the ISTC. She is past-president of TCEurope and of the TransAlpine chapter of the STC.

She has a passion for metadata and semantic technologies that make her happy to finally be able to apply linguistic theory to the real world and real clients. She works in English, French, Swedish and Sign Language.

Scott Abel

Founder, CEO, Chief Strategist, The Content Wrangler

Known affectionately as The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel is an internationally recognized global content strategist who specializes in helping organizations deliver the right content to the right audience, anywhere, anytime, on any device, and in a language. Scott is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist at The Content Wrangler, Inc.

PAtrick bosek

Co-Founder & CEO, Jorsek Inc., makers of easyDITA

Patrick is a co-founder of Jorsek Inc., makers of easyDITA. Since beginning with Jorsek Inc. in 2005, Patrick has worked on a wide range of projects all focused on improving authoring, production, and distribution of content. Most recently, his primary focus has been empowering the users of easyDITA and generally advancing the product documentation industry.

About Coffee and Content

Scott Abel and Patrick Bosek love coffee, but coffee is best with friends and a good discussion. So, we combined the lot, and voila!

Coffee and Content started with them wanting to meet up with industry experts for informal discussions about what’s happening in the world of content and beyond. Just add coffee and let the delectable surge of caffeine stimulate lively conversation on industry goings-on.

Join us for some no-nonsense takes from smart people hopped up on java. Without a strict agenda beyond the topic at hand, these talks are bound to leave you with learning and laughter, all in the time it takes to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

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