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As we saw in a recent post, How to keep track of your DITA XML deliverables, the easyDITA XML CMS gives you tools to manage collaborative workflows and get all your content contributors working together to develop great product documentation and online help.

That’s the ticket

easyDITA makes it easy to create, review and distribute information with some simple but powerful workflow tools. At the start of the process, a documentation manager assigns a job to an author with a Ticket, which automatically sends an email notification to the writer.


When the work is ready for review, the author changes the status of the document to Review. Subject Matter Experts are then assigned to review the document using the same ticket-based system. They directly access the files, suggesting changes and making comments right on the content itself. Approvers accept or reject the changes, with no need to shuffle hard copies, decipher someone’s chicken scratches or re-key information.

easyDITA keeps track of every step in the process, giving you a Dashboard view of the status of your final deliverable and how far it has to go before it can be published. On the new Progress tab, you can see the Tickets that Need My Attention or are Past Due and group them by Document or by User.



Getting publications ready to go

easyDITA’s new Map Explorer offers another quick way to review and edit the pieces that make up a final deliverable.

When you explore a map in easyDITA, the status of each element is displayed on the left. You can see which are approved, and which still need authoring or review.



If there are outstanding comments on a file, they are indicated in the blue boxes next to the file name. You can open, review and edit each document by clicking on their file name or page through the entire map using the Next and Previous buttons.


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