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As a marketer, I am constantly tasked to show return on investment (ROI). When I started working with technical communicators, I researched how ROI was calculated in the world of content creation. As it turns out, there is a major gap in how to measure ROI. It becomes even more difficult to measure when the technical communication department starts to overlap with other departments such as training, marketing, and human resources. The latter departments are very familiar with which key performance indicators they need to focus on and how they translate to business goals. Knowing how to calculate ROI will help technical communicators understand how much they’re worth and let managers know what things are important to focus on.

This led me to design a survey to try and understand how technical communicators operate and how that translates into value. The overall theme is: What is the value of technical communication?

Benefits To You:

  • Learn what skills pay the most
  • Learn what tasks offer the best return on investment
  • Understand the biggest hurdles faced by documentation teams
  • Understand motivations that promote or resist change

Take the survey

The data will be compiled into an in-depth visual report, which will provide insightful analytics into the evolving roles of technical communicators. This will be valuable for managers and technical communicators who want a better understanding of their role, company, and industry. A free copy of the report, when finished, will be sent to the respondents who provide their email.

Rafi is dedicated to improving marketing systems and focusing on data-driven insights to drive marketing and advertising efforts. He is fascinated with content metrics and improving the knowledge, research, and expertise in the subject matter.
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