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How F5 improved their SME review process

In the race to be first, manufacturers fail to utilize their most precious asset – their time.

Collaboration between writers and SMEs can make the difference between high-quality documentation or incomplete information requiring SME involvement down the road.

With online reviews, improve time to market and the quality of your documentation. Your time is your most valuable asset: use it better.

Download “Collaboration Accelerates Documentation Releases”

Why Structured Content?

Structured content delivers scalable efficiencies and faster development providing you with a competitive advantage.

Use streamlined translation processes that save up to 92% vs traditional methods
Improve time to market with collaborative development and omni-channel publishing
Organize and manage content for fast search and access
Save 50% of your writing cost with content reuse
Leverage your content in new, and dynamic formats
Create a single source knowledge platform for your organization

Download the Case Study

Download “Collaboration Accelerates Documentation Releases”


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Principal Content Experience Developer at F5 Networks

Tracy Baker
“The linchpin that made us decide to buy, was the fact easyDITA is a cloud native SaaS. easyDITA also passed our security requirements. It our business to make the internet safe so that’s no easy feat.”
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