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Make Targeted Translation Simple

With easyDITA, your localization process becomes easy to manage and more affordable. From initial translation, to document updates, to publishing; your localization goals are possible with easyDITA.

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Translation Shouldn’t Be This Hard


  • Managing your translation workflow is complex. It requires keeping track of your intended locales, the state of the source files from which your translated documents originate, the translation status of each document, and the multiple translation vendors with whom you do business.
  • Translation is expensive. As you revise and edit your content, those costs continue to rise.
  • Once your documentation is translated, you are still left with content that requires further formatting to match your design standards before publishing.


  • With topic-specific localization status, you see which topics are up-to-date and which topics still need to be translated or have the translation updated.
  • easyDITA helps you save significantly on translation costs by leveraging your translation memory and reusing content.
  • easyDITA eliminates desktop publishing by formatting your translated content during publication, rather than the writing process. The result is a more streamlined translation workflow without the cost and time of DTP.


Up-to-date Documents

easyDITA makes maintaining translations simple. After initial translation, if your source content is altered, easyDITA tracks which topics need updated translations. This allows you to keep your translated content up to date with your source content without re-translating entire documents.

Affordable Translation

With easyDITA you save time and money throughout your document translation process. Localization service providers often charge extra to match the content to translation memory. However, with easyDITA, your content is componentized and translation status is tracked for each topic. This means you only send content that needs to be updated. In fact, our users experience savings as high as 92% when compared to traditional methods of translation.

Simplified Multi-Language Publishing

You can manage multilingual documents quickly and efficiently in easyDITA. easyDITA’s localization system supports multi-language documentation. This means that you can produce single documents with multiple languages included.

Before easyDITA, translating our product manuals was expensive and time-consuming. With easyDITA’s turnkey localization workflow, getting our content from English to the 17 languages we now support is about as automatic as you can get.

Doug Hammack

Senior Technical Writer, Alliance Laundry Systems

Make Translation your Market Advantage

easyDITA’s Content Translation makes your content work harder so your writers (and translators) don’t have to. To learn more, talk with one of our experts and learn how easy it is to start and take your documentation global.  

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