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easyDITA 18.0

Content Collaboration Unlocked

We officially released easyDITA 18.0. Now it’s time to examine the improvements and what they mean to our users. In this webinar, John Baker, Content Marketing Manager and Patrick Bosek, Co-founder of Jorsek, will provide an in-depth explanation of all the latest improvements to easyDITA.

Fully Collaborative

With easyDITA, your entire team can finally work within the same document without file locking, check-in, check-out, or system slowdown.

Rapid Review

Within seconds of receiving an assignment, reviewers can jump into a clean review environment that’s streamlined and familiar to help them work quickly.

Lightning Fast

When dealing with large maps, loading times matter. easyDITA loads maps with hundreds of topics in milliseconds. As you scroll, topics dynamically load, giving you what you need exactly when you need it.

Editable Multilevel Maps

easyDITA’s map editor enables users to edit the structure of a map and its submaps all in one place without needing to open submaps separately.

easyDITA 18.0
Content Collaboration Unloc