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Many organizations recognize the profound benefits of DITA. Excited for new opportunities, companies make the decision to move. After selecting the right tool for writing and managing their content, next is time to implement the plan. A well-planned implementation will result in significant savings in costs, resources, productivity, and stress! If you want to learn more about how to plan, budget, and strategize for this implementation, register for this informative webinar.

Whether you have a plan or you’re still researching, this webinar will cast light on DITA implementation from plan to execution.

Join Paul Perrotta, The Technical Communication Wrangler, and his special guest, Stephani Clark, Head of Customer Success at Jorsek LLC, for this free, one-hour webinar.

In this webinar, Stephani will outline the major aspects of a DITA implementation and what you should plan for when embarking on a DITA implementation.

In this session, you will learn how to build a timeline, plan, and budget for your implementation, focusing on:

1) Information architecture
2) Content strategy
3) Content conversion
4) Development of published outputs
5) Training requirements
6) Expectation and resource management

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Stephani Clark is Head of Customer Success at Jorsek, the makers of easyDITA. She works to train and assist users of easyDITA’s software. Stephani is experienced in planning and overseeing DITA implementations and constantly works to identify ways to improve the customer experience.

Before she worked for easyDITA, Stephani spent over ten years working in the energy efficiency industry. During that time, she worked in sales management, operations, and project management. Stephani also developed the company’s training program and served as their National Training Administrator.

Stephani lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and three-year-old son. Stephani enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, traveling, and organizing anything and everything.

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Stephani Clark
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