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We’re speaking at DITA Europe 2019 in Brussels Belgium, November 7 – 8.

Join colleagues from around the world for two days of career-empowering knowledge, practices, networking, and practical solutions. With insights from nearly 50 presenters, 17 Sessions in the Technology Test Kitchen, an exhibit hall packed with the best content management solutions, and the very best in industry networking, DITA Europe is designed with your specific needs in mind— providing strategies you can use immediately as you create and manage technical content, and expanding your professional network  with information development experts from around the world.

Those new to content management and or DITA will find guidance for starting their journey, while for experts, our program offers ways to continue pushing the boundaries. Join us for a chance to share what you already know and find out about things you don’t!

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Join us on Friday, November 8th at 1:10 pm (Day 2 – Track 2)

How to Reuse Structured Content

Content reuse is one of the main reasons why organizations move away from unstructured writing and introduce the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard. It’s a promise to free authors from the mundane and error-prone task of copy-pasting or from mastering the find & replace mechanism.

For many, reusing content in a structured and controlled way is a dream come true. Whether you’re considering DITA or you have already adopted it, this presentation will provide an overview of the most common DITA reuse mechanisms as well more advanced methods.

About the presenter: Gosia Radymiak, is a Customer Success Manager for easyDITA, a DITA Component Content Management System based in Rochester, NY. She works in the Kraków, Poland office training and assisting international users of easyDITA’s software.

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