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We’re excited to be a part of the 60th Annual STC Rochester Spectrum Conference in Rochester, New York on March 24th through 26th, 2019.

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This year’s theme is Remember Yesterday. Celebrate Today. Plan for Tomorrow.
At this year’s STC, we’ll be taking a brief trip through 60 years of Technical Communication, appreciating what we’ve learned along the way, and sharing best practices to prepare for the future.

Stephani Clark from Jorsek will present steps, tools, and strategies to prove their value to the organization and get budget funding for implementing a structured content solution. All attendees will receive a free an ROI calculator to help build their business case.

Join us for our presentation on Monday, March 25 at 2:30 pm

Measuring the Value of Structured Authoring and Getting the Budget you Need

Technical communication teams provide critical value to organizations, but are often underfunded. In an age where companies are pushing products and changes to the market at breakneck speed, technical communication teams are more heavily taxed and under pressure to do more with less and faster. Implementing a structured authoring or content management solution requires the appropriate funding, but can also enable teams to achieve the efficiencies they require to perform optimally.

This presentation will provide the audience with the tools they need to perform a cost-benefit analysis and calculate the ROI of such a proposal. All attendees will receive an ROI calculator they can use to build their case and get the budget approval they need. Furthermore, we’ll discuss all the factors that you can take into account when making your case for new tools.

This presentation is for anyone who is interested in demonstrating value and building a case for changes within their department. This presentation is based on the implementation of structured authoring or content management tools, but the benefits provided are easily transferable to other change and budget scenarios.

About the presenter: Stephani Clark is Head of Customer Success at Jorsek, the makers of easyDITA. She works to train and assist users of easyDITA’s software. Stephani is experienced in planning and overseeing DITA implementations and constantly works to identify ways to improve the customer experience.

Stephani lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and three-year old son. Stephani enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, traveling, and organizing anything and everything.

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