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Because easyDITA is a very powerful product with a significant suite of capabilities, we have refined our Free Trial process, with the goal of making your initial easyDITA experience as useful as possible.

When you request a Free Trial the following steps will take place (these are optional and you have the ability to opt out at any time during your trial):

  • After you send your Trial Request Form you will be directed to a second page where we ask you to check off the solutions most relevant to your situation from a list of easyDITA capabilities. The purpose of this is to help us clearly explain the specifics of those solutions, should you decide to have a walkthrough with one of our Customer Success Managers (CSMs).
  • You’ll be sent login information for your Trial account.

Note: You have the ability to create unlimited users in your trial account.

  • Your instance of easyDITA is pre-populated with sample content and links to our documentation site and other DITA learning resources.
  • After you have had a day to poke around in easyDITA, we will send you an email offering a walkthrough to give you and your colleagues an overview of easyDITA’s interface. This is an optional, live online meeting with your CSM. Your CSM will be your primary point of contact for any questions you may have going forward.
  • During your trial, we will send you a weekly email with helpful information you can use to evaluate easyDITA and other DITA CCMS’s. Your CSM can also provide additional resources or training on any specific subjects you’re interested in.
  • One week before the expiration of your thirty-day trial, we will notify you that it is going to expire. You may request an extension if your testing requires more time.

Note: Any content you have created in your Trial account will be saved after the Trial ends.

It is our policy to keep our sales process limited to helping you use our software in ways that materially benefit your organization. This process is optimized, based on our experience, to that goal. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, issues, or comments you may have about your easyDITA Trial experience.

Now that you have an idea how this works, why not try a Free Trial?

Martin Edic

Martin is a writer and marketer who specializes in creating content for delivery online via the web and mobile. Former Jorsek Employee.
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