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Webinar: “Is DITA Right for Me?”

DITA makes your content scalable and brings it to life, but it’s often misunderstood. This webinar will look at DITA from a big picture perspective and help you evaluate if it’s the right choice for your organization. Learn about its benefits, the cost of...

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easyDITA Editor

Webinar - easyDITA Editor Three years ago, we began a quest to create an editor that would usher in a new era of DITA content development. Our goal was to advance our editor beyond the expectations of what people think a DITA authoring tool and CCMS can do. We focused...

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Webinar: “What is DITA?”

Maybe you’ve heard about DITA, but you’re not sure what ‘DITA’ means or what it is. If so, this is the webinar for you. In this webinar, we cover the big picture of what DITA is and how it works. The topics we address include: The meaning of ‘DITA’ and the origin for...

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