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Planning for a DITA Implementation

It’s pretty easy for many organizations to recognize the benefits of moving their content into DITA. You can reuse content, save money on localization, centralize all your content, enable publishing to new mediums, and more. Sounds pretty great, right? (Note: If...

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Webinar: easyDITA 18.0

easyDITA 18.0 Content Collaboration Unlocked We officially released easyDITA 18.0. Now it’s time to examine the improvements and what they mean to our users. In this webinar, John Baker, Content Marketing Manager and Patrick Bosek, Co-founder of Jorsek, will provide...

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Chatbots Are Harder Than Self-Driving Cars

In many ways, self-driving cars have become the poster child for AI. It's one of the most tangible forms of automation and from 10,000 feet, it feels like an impossibly complex problem for a computer. But the reality is that the rules a computer must follow to drive a...

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Webinar: “Is DITA Right for Me?”

DITA makes your content scalable and brings it to life, but it’s often misunderstood. This webinar will look at DITA from a big picture perspective and help you evaluate if it’s the right choice for your organization. Learn about its benefits, the cost of...

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