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Introducing the World’s First
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One Solution for Structured Content

easyDITA Empowers You to…

Publish Everywhere

Structured content in easyDITA can become websites, chatbots, PDFs, mobile sites, app content, context sensitive help, ebooks, and more.

Create Many Variations from a Single Source

Having many products doesn’t have to mean having many copies of the same content. easyDITA manages documentation for many products without the hassle of duplicated or isolated content.

Automate Your Hardest Tasks

easyDITA makes the repetitive stuff easy, so you can focus on the content. Automate your publishing, output formatting, data exchange, workflow, and more.

Produce Content for Every Audience

Publish one set of content that’s rendered for specific audiences based on who they are, where they are, or what they do.

Be Ready for What’s Next

Things are changing quickly. Your content needs to keep up. Whether it’s deploying content to Internet of Things, chatbots, virtual reality, augmented reality, or somewhere else, structured content isn’t bound by format.

Using easyDITA we’ve been able to streamline our publishing process, improve our search, and lower our call center support costs. The easyDITA project has been, and continues to be, a significant win for Allstate Business Insurance.

Larry Porter

Content Manager, Allstate

The entire easyDITA product, from authoring through to publishing has been intuitive, flexible, and robust. Additionally, the easyDITA support team has been phenomenal in their responsiveness and effectiveness.

Steve George

Manager of Content Management and Training, Skyward

Before easyDITA, translating our product manuals was expensive and time-consuming. With easyDITA’s turnkey localization workflow, getting our content from English to the 17 languages we now support is about as automatic as you can get.

Doug Hammack

Senior Technical Writer, Alliance Laundry Systems

Authoring with easyDITA is intuitive and user-friendly, and its review capabilities enable many different workflow possibilities.

David Katz

Product Applications Director, Analog Devices

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