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We are pleased to announce our next generation product, easyDITA 2016. We rebuilt the interface, made performance improvements, and added new features.

Metadata and Taxonomy

Our newly integrated metadata and taxonomy feature leverages the benefits of classifying content and using organizational structures. This feature makes it easy to create user-defined metadata, which you can also use to filter and search for content.

Universal Publishing Connector

One of the major features introduced is the Universal Publishing Connector. It is simple to configure and connects to most publishing platforms. Currently we have connectors for Salesforce’s, WordPress, SharePoint, and MindTouch.

Dashboard Notifications

The Dashboard has an Inbox interface that displays a personal stream of workflow-related notifications. You can easily archive messages, reply to comments, and snooze inbox notifications using this interface.

Assignments and Workflows

All your relevant assignments and comments show up in the Assignments interface, making it easy to navigate directly to the content. Assignments are great at handling workflow and collaboration within easyDITA. You also can assign documents for review and create custom workflows that allow users to forward, send back, and defer to others.  

Fast Search and Browse

A survey published recently by AIIM found, “Duplicative content efforts (87%) and extensive time searching for content (85%), are the top issues related to poor content practices.” We took this seriously in easyDITA 2016. Our integrated search and browse interface makes finding files fast and simple.

There are many more exciting features on our road map that we will be rolling out this year. We hope you join us for the ride! To try our software or learn more visit


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