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If you could prove to your boss right now that your department could save or earn your company an extra million dollars, would you be able to get a bigger budget?

Yeah. Easily. After all, you’ve got the evidence to back it up. 

Now, let’s say that you still believe you can save or earn that million bucks. However, you lack any proof. Do you think you’ll still get that budget boost? 

Not likely. In fact, that “easy ask” became a Sisyphean task. 

Demonstrating the value you contribute to your organization is one of the most important — and difficult — parts of a job. 


Addressing the Data Tracking Gap

The work you do matters. That’s pretty clear because your job exists and continues to impact your organization. The gap lies in quantifying that impact and providing evidence. This is different than simply tracking metrics, you might already do that, this is about optimizing the performance data we collect.

Basically, we collect data that matters to us, but that data might not substantiate our value to stakeholders, decision-makers, etc. What we need to provide is data in their language. Data that justifies the validity of budget expansions, greater creative freedom, and the like. 

That’s where we come in. To help bridge this gap, we’ve created a survey to collect data points that indicate which metrics influence a company’s decision-making process. With this data, we can improve your ability to demonstrate value to the rest of your organization. 

To add your voice, take the survey. All participants will receive a report summarizing the final results alongside data visualizations and analysis.

Measuring the Value of Technical Communication - Take survey


5 Good Reasons to Track Your Results

Not convinced? Stay tuned. 

Prove Your Impact

The most important reason you should track your work is that it paints an irrefutable picture of how much you contribute to your organization. It’s hard to argue with solid facts when you’re able to demonstrate what you do and the impact that has on your organization.

By having access to the proof, technical communication departments can increase their own departmental budgets and their leverage within the organization.


Improve Your Planning

Good results inform competent future strategies and good planning paves the way toward good results. 

Tracking the results of any initiative shows whether or not it was worth the effort. Which goes on to inform future directives and experiments, narrowing the focus on what works, what matters, and what’s effective. 

Metrics magnify and legitimize quality work. 


Boost Team Motivation

Boosting motivation calls for something to be happy about. Guess what? Your work is something to be proud of and it deserves recognition. 

Numerous studies have shown that when you recognize and appreciate the work that people do, they work harder and they’re happier at their job. And positive recognition is proven to make us feel better at work

Remember when I mentioned metrics magnifying quality work? In our previous survey, we found that people who had a clear idea of what metrics to track and how to tie it to their organizational goals were 20% more effective at their job. That data will be the catalyst for positive recognition and will urge you to continue being a paragon of professional brilliance.


Increase Organizational Communication & Collaboration

You’re not an island in your organization. Neither is your department. But it sure can feel like it. 

By tracking and data, you provide something noteworthy for the rest of the organization to notice. This notice transforms into attention once you start presenting data that impacts all the other departments. Suddenly, your island is the mainland. 

This interdepartmental communication transforms into collaboration and soon you will start seeing your team as a significant driver towards organizational goals. 

Knowing the worth of your work and being transparent about it encourages the same from others. That strengthens bonds between the people that make up an organization and, increased visibility, communication, and collaboration go hand in hand with healthy growth. 


Bottom Line? More Satisfied Customers

People are watching you. Proof of good work is the best pitch you can make to management. That transparency and pride in work speak volumes to anyone watching. So if they’re watching, why not show them something that’ll raise their eyebrows? Raised eyebrows from good work turn into filled funnels. Then everybody wins. 

Doing good work is a good thing. Have the evidence to prove it, then make a showcase that confidently speaks a powerful statement. 

Measuring the Value of Technical Communication - Take survey
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