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It’s conference season! We’ll be presenting at three of this Fall’s top conferences.

The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference

Jarod SicklerOctober 21-24th in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jarod Sickler, Information Developer, Jorsek LLC will be co-presenting with Morley Tooke, Information Architect, Innovatia:

DITA Support Portals: A One Stop Shop to Give Users Content on Their Terms

These days, technical documentation is as much about videos, forum posts, and blogs as it is concepts, tasks, and references. Modern users expect rich, curated information delivered quickly in a one-stop-shop. But delivering dynamic DITA content has been a struggle. Now, finally, DITA-based portals are becoming flexible and intuitive enough to deliver dynamic, relevant, and searchable content effectively and in multiple formats. Done correctly, an effective portal will enable and secure your digital future.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Why an online support portal is so important and part of your product
  • How dynamically delivered DITA content enables the ultimate content experience
  • How rich DITA content can be delivered dynamically to solve modern and future problems
  • How to address the challenges in creating an online content delivery portal, and why it took so long to get where we are
  • How to present varied types of content effectively in a single support portal

DITA Europe

Patrick BosekNovember 5-6th in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Patrick, co-founder of Jorsek LLC, makers easyDITA. Patrick will be presenting:

Publishing DITA Content to a Chatbot

Chatbots and other conversational interfaces are emerging as an important channel for technical content. Luckily, DITA content can be transformed and published to these new channels if everything is set up properly. This presentation will show how to do this using the example of how we’re building, a chatbot to answer questions about DITA, powered by DITA.

What can you expect to learn?
This presentation will provide the audience with best practices and actionable processes for creating a chatbot using content developed in DITA. Technical writers attending this presentation will leave with a better understanding of chatbots, how they relate to their work, and where they can start if they want to learn more about these new technologies.

Information Development Word (IDW)

Mike Rice HeadshotNovember 27-29th in Menlo Park, California

Mike Rice, Customer Success Manager, Jorsek LLC. will be presenting:

Forget Artificial Intelligence: Stop Squandering Human Intelligence

Before you’re ready to answer your customers’ questions, you need to ask some of your own: Where is the information leaking out of my content? How can I capture the human intelligence that went into writing the information in the first place? Where does my information development process have too much friction?

What can you expect to learn?
Find out how asking and answering these questions can help support your information developers as they create understandable information and actionable intelligence for both humans and bots. Identify your information leaks and learn how to stop them. Learn how to remove friction to stop wasting people’s time and to transform your information development and delivery process. Create the future by leveraging your intellectual property.

If you’re attending one of these conferences, make sure to stop by and say hello.
We hope to see you there!

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